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Artificial Intelligence in the Nonprofit Sector

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“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Those words from a famous book about Harry Potter describe the mission of so many Non-Profit organizations worldwide. Non-Profit organizations have a very important calling, they are those who turn the light for others. They care, volunteer, help, and assist everywhere the need exists. But along with catastrophes, hunger, diseases, and various tragedies they fight tons and tons of papers they have to process daily. Tons of checks, bills, invoices, documents of various nature and various design and complexity are exactly the overwhelmingly excessive parts of non-profit organizations' daily routine. 

Is there a way out? A couple of years ago we would definitely shake our heads, as there was no way out of a printed paper labyrinth, where the document avalanche, presented in so many differently structured forms, was trying to cover every process and make it as slow as possible. 

AI for Nonprofits?

Programs that can learn can really help! 

However, time flies and progress is not standing still. AI — the most discussable innovation of all time — is now capable of doing some really good things to help those who help. 

But Document Management systems and services exist now for years and intend to make the transition from the paper way to digital fast and smoothly, so what is so revolutionary in using AI as a part of those systems or separately? The short answer lies in AI learning capacity!

Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning, Tensoway AI professionals created and trained a model which is more powerful than any known algorithm of standard programming. This model is a core of our Whitelabel Data Extraction Solution. 

Developed by Tensorway engineers, our Whitelabel AI Solution can be added to practically any document system, or it also can be seen as a stand-alone module. Both options are possible with the additional help of Software Engineers from our Mother Company Anadea. 

About an AI-based white-label solution for Data Extraction developed by Tensorway engineers

Why is Data Extraction a difficult problem to solve for Non-Profit Organizations? 

Imagine a typical day of a volunteer in a Non-Profit organization that is dealing, let's say, with refugees from war zones. 

They process a huge amount of paper and plastic documents: passports in different languages, internal passports, printed refugee documents, and much more. Mostly these are not papers in perfect condition. They could be (and often are) crumpled, old, dirty, difficult to read, and even to make a normal copy. Plastic cards reflect light and store receipts which are presented to justify the expenses are printed in very small letters. 

This job requires accuracy, precision, and time. But there are people around, they talk, ask, and often cry… Thus it makes the task even harder. 

But there should be a way out. After all there are programs which can extract text out of a scanned document. True, there are many of them but… 

The solutions which are now to be found on the market cannot be trained to solve problems of such variety and difficulty, as they are almost 100% based on Optical Character Recognition approach (OCR). 

Tensorway approach which we present here has many advantages over simpler OCR methods. It can extract information from documents in multiple languages. If necessary, our model is easily tuned to work with completely new languages. 

The model is trained to understand the logic of the document, so even if we have a document in a different language but with the same logic, the data will be extracted correctly. 

Our model correctly distinguishes between different languages, different fields, and different types of documents!

For any purpose, our model extracts all necessary document details as well. The only thing we need is the data from your organization to train it additionally. It’s understood that every organization has its processes and related programs where the data are stored and managed.

Our Whitelabel AI solution for Data Extraction is capable of extracting information from documents of different layouts and different languages!

However, our model can be even handier as it can be used not only with scanned PDFs but also with images.

People rarely take photos of their receipts and documents in ideal conditions. Distortions, bad lighting, multiple documents in one picture, rotated images, you name it! 

For OCR systems, it is very difficult to correctly extract information from images. They stick when the images are angled, rotated, contain more than one document per page. All those and even bigger challenges are solved by our model and we encourage you to contact us to learn how you can incorporate our solution into your workflow! Here's an exhaustive demo: see for yourself.

About Anadea development capabilities 

No matter whether you have technical knowledge or not, software engineering team from Anadea helps you to make the most effective way to your desired software solution. Anadea engineers are well known in the IT world as a team for challenging projects and game-changing ideas. 
Anadea was founded in 2000 and since then has grown into a trustful international custom software development services provider with a mission to work respectfully and honestly along with customers on software products to serve their business needs.

Whatever the integration of your existing system with Tensorway AI solution requires, Anadea professionals will help. Here you can also develop a Software Solution for Non-Profit organizations from scratch with regard to the most efficient implantation of AI-based white label solution for Data Extraction developed by Tensorway.

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