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We are Tensorway, a team with strong software development and artificial intelligence background. Ways you can benefit from it? Too many to count. Especially when you are looking to make your machine learning or deep learning model accessible to the public.
Thanks to 20+ years in building software products for businesses at our parent company Anadea, we know exactly what businesses want from their software. Now, it’s time for us to make products just as great, but with the addition of some AI magic.

How do we make it work?

We will make your model available to people in a way that suits you best - through a web app, a mobile app, or a software system.

ML/DL model deployment

Having built and trained a model is half a deal. The other half is model deployment in production.

What does it mean? Essentially, deploying a model is making it accessible to people or applications through an API endpoint, a web / mobile app, a database, or a serverless platform. And it has to be done right, too! Imagine if advanced AI, like OpenAI's GPT-4, was integrated into a malfunctioning website. The genius of the model would be left in the shadows, its potential untapped. Why? Because even the most sophisticated AI systems are only as good as the software that grant access to them.

Regardless of the deployment method you choose, the goal is to make the power of your model available to end-users in a seamless, efficient, and maintainable way. Let's look closer at how we can deploy your AI model.
We believe that model deployment isn't where your AI journey ends.
Deploy my model
To make sure it performs exactly as you want and delivers value, we continuously monitor and maintain your model. This includes watching for "model drift" where changes in underlying data can reduce the model's accuracy, and retraining and updating the model as necessary.
AI software development

We extend way beyond model deployment! Understanding that every AI is unique, we develop AI software development solutions to augment each model’s capabilities and needs. Our developers work closely with you to create user-centric software that doesn't just showcase your AI but enhances its utility.

Custom software development
Leveraging our software development experience, we build custom AI software that perfectly matches your specifications and includes your desired capabilities of artificial intelligence. Our services encompass everything from requirements gathering, UI/UX design, development, testing, and deployment to subsequent maintenance.
Web & mobile application development
We don't just incorporate AI into existing systems - we create new, purpose-built applications with AI at their core, ensuring that your business benefits from AI from the get-go. Whether you need a web or mobile app powered by a recommendation system, an intelligent chatbot, or any other AI-facilitated feature, we bring it to life.
Integration with existing systems
We ensure that the AI systems we develop integrate seamlessly with your existing software architecture. This includes CRM, ERP, or any other third-party software you use. An artificial intelligence software development company, our goal is to create a harmonious software ecosystem that works in sync to maximize business productivity.
Security and compliance
Security isn’t an afterthought here - it's central to our software development process. We build AI software development solutions with the best security practices, ensuring your data and AI systems are safe. Furthermore, we ensure that all solutions comply with relevant regulations and standards, maintaining your trust and credibility.
Support and maintenance
Our commitment extends well beyond the initial launch. We offer continuous support and maintenance for your software, ensuring it evolves with your business. Regular updates, bug fixes, feature enhancements, and performance optimization are all part of our comprehensive service, guaranteeing the longevity of your product.
Develop my app

Skills you can rely on

We use a range of programming languages, platforms, and frameworks to deliver superior model deployment and AI application development services. Here are some of the key technologies we master.
Our process

Deployment pipeline

For when you want to deploy your model to production through API, application, etc.
Understanding your model
We delve deep into your AI model, determining its strengths and requirements. We set the scene for the optimal deployment strategy, focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
ML/DL model deployment
We deploy your model in the environment of your choice: a web or mobile application, an API endpoint, a database, or a serverless platform. 
Performance monitoring
Our role doesn't end with deployment. We keep an eye on your model's performance, watching for potential "model drift" or any other hiccups that could affect accuracy. 
Continuous support
We offer ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your AI model's longevity. From handling updates to managing scaling requirements, we make sure your AI shines consistently.

Software development pipeline

For when you want us to build an AI-integrated application from scratch
Collecting requirements
We start by capturing your vision, figuring out what kind of application you need, outlining the desired features and user experience.
UI/UX design
Our design team sculpts an intuitive and visually striking. Every interaction your users have with your AI is meticulously crafted for maximum impact.
Application development
Our developers get into action, integrating your AI model seamlessly into the software architecture.
No stone will be unturned. Your custom AI software undergoes exhaustive testing to ensure flawless functionality. Performance, responsiveness, user experience - we catch it all.
Having ensured perfection, we deploy your application into the real world. The target audience can finally enjoy the product with AI at its core.
Support and maintenance
We stay in touch, offering continuous support and maintenance for your product. We ensure it evolves with your business with updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements.
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