the Endless Benefits of AI

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New level of FinTech

What industry is more innovative than FinTech? The disruptive products revolutionized something so conservative as Banking and Finance.
Now is the time to make FinTech even more innovative. Yep. You read this right. How Computer Vision combined with Deep Learning can help?
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The new way to examine schoolkids’ creativity

How many times have you written an essay in school? How many abstracts were created by a younger version of you? A lot.
Imagine being on the other side of the process, how many creative works should be read by teachers? How much does the result depend on human factors like fatigue, stress, bad mood after all?
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Unimaginable ease of accounting

Tons of invoices are processed every minute on our planet. How does this process look like now?
Imagine some aunty Dolly and uncle Bob sitting in an office, getting emails with invoices at the beginning of each month. They make a coffee and start typing.
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Accurate and extremely fast description of your goods on your eCommerce sites

What is the most important thing for e-commerce? Along with UX, experts name images and descriptions. Why?
Because to be sold, the product first should be found! Buyers look for a product and read the details about it.
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