About Us

Tensorway is not a company, it is an environment where we are able to do unimaginable things.
We created this business exactly the way to let bright ideas flourish and develop. At the moment, we are very excited about the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. The beauty of AI solutions is in those many problems they can solve in a smart, elegant, and effective way. We compared the projects we build using deep learning with those built using other technologies — and we were astounded.
How much we can give people by adding a well-trained model to solve the most challenging problems! Diving deep into Deep Learning, we were amazed at how little we found about the practical application of DL, ML, and other branches of artificial intelligence. Thus, we understood that our mission was to explore the business possibilities of AI/ML/DL.
Along with our strong belief in AI, we also share an attitude to projects where we know how to develop market-transforming products. Tensorway roots are growing from software development company Anadea. This company was started 2 decades ago and is well known for game-changing apps and its unique attitude to customers' business.
Tensorway grew up based on the huge interest in AI. This interest lets the Anadea DL team and future Tensorway work on several projects and collect some nicely looking awards: