White Label AI

What Is White Label AI?

We are used to seeing the manufacturer’s brand name on every product, be it a bag of milk or a laptop. However, not all manufacturers actually produce what they sell. Sometimes, business-wise, it’s faster and more affordable to buy unnamed items and put a brand name on them.

White Label AI is an off-the-shelf AI solution that is rebranded and sold by companies other than those that originally developed them. Much like a retailer selling third-party goods under its own brand, tech companies can market these ready-made AI products as their own.

Applications of White Label AI

The range of applications of artificial intelligence in business is so wide that the appearance of white-label solutions in this industry was only a question of time. We at Tensorway offer a ready-made AI solution for governmental institutions, nonprofit organizations, and the fintech industry to automate their paperwork. There are hundreds of more possible solutions that can be sold as white-labels, as well as business sectors that can use them.

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