Data scraping, often known as web scraping, is the process of extracting information from websites and storing it in files or spreadsheets. To extract (“scrape”) data from the web, special software (“scrapers”) is used. Scraping bots extract content and data from a website, extracting its HTML code along with data stored in a database. Here are a few examples of what can be scraped to complete certain business tasks:

  • Product data — to compare prices;
  • Websites — for lead information;
  • Social media — for sentiment analysis;
  • Stock prices — for market analysis;

…and much more.

Artificial intelligence and data scraping go hand in hand. You can ask good old (not really old, but still) ChatGPT to scrape a website for you, in case you want to draw out some important information from a website to show it to someone.

You can also have a custom ML model built to do scraping for you. Whatever your niche is — real estate, finance, retail — web scraping will make the market state and your competitors’ advancements crystal clear. And mixed with NLP techniques, even more amazing results become real. Natural language processing can help measure the relevance of the content and only include it in the datasheet if it’s up to your demands.

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