AI in GovTech

What Is GovTech?

Government Technology, commonly known as GovTech, is an industry focused on streamlining government operations using advanced technology. This sector is increasingly important for modernizing government services, transitioning from traditional paper-based systems to efficient digital infrastructures. The transformation facilitated by GovTech is pivotal for improving the delivery of government services and enhancing administrative processes.

Applications of AI in GovTech

AI’s role in GovTech is to address the challenge of outdated systems that rely heavily on the manual processing of paper documents. Government agencies, some of the largest producers and consumers of paper documents, face the daunting task of digitizing and processing vast quantities of data. The paperwork handled by government employees, ranging from personal identification to legal documents, is often in poor condition, adding to the complexity of data entry which is prone to errors and inefficiencies.

Conventional data extraction methods, mainly based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR), have been found lacking. OCR struggles with accuracy and is not inherently designed to understand document structure or to extract particular fields from diverse document layouts. The inability to distinguish between various types of information, such as personal and company tax IDs, presents a significant hurdle in the digitization of government documents.

Tensorway's Input

Tensorway presents a novel solution aimed at overcoming the shortcomings of standard OCR technology. Our white label AI solution employs an model specifically trained to extract and identify precise text fields from multilingual documents, boasting rapid adaptability to new languages as needed. Find out more about it from our article on Ideas Hub.

AI in GovTech: White-Label AI Solution for Data Extraction

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