“In the general case, an array of numbers arranged on a regular grid with a variable number of axes is known as a tensor.”

— Page 33, Deep Learning, 2016.

Although on every page we claim otherwise, technically, Tensorway IS a company. Everyone likes catchy marketing mottos, huh?

We come from a software development company Anadea that started two decades ago and is now well known for game-changing apps and its unique attitude to customers' business. Part of the company’s expertise was focused on AI and related developments, and over the years, we came to understand that being just a part of something was not enough. The scope and the possibilities and the prospects of cutting-edge advancements like AI/ML/DL could not exist within a broad line of services but needed their own one. 

Thus, we decided to give this side of our expertise more representation through the Tensorway brand name. By the brand name, one, especially one with some knowledge of computer science, can easily understand what we are about.

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