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Artificial Intelligence

Become a king of customer service

Navigate your business effortlessly with chatbots powered by state-of-the-art AI technology. Optimize your supply chain in minutes due to a better understanding of various factors like demand, inventory, and transportation. Analyze your customer data to provide personalized product recommendations based on their previous purchases and preferences. Enhance your customer engagement, boost sales, and improve your overall business efficiency.

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Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Get a detective and a trustworthy oracle

Detect fraudulent transaction with high accuracy, preventing losses and maintaining customer trust. Predict when maintenance is required for your equipment, avoiding costly downtime, by analyzing data from sensors. Deliver personalized recommendations to customers, increasing engagement and driving sales on your eCommerce website. Optimize your supply chain by predicting demand, improving inventory management, and reducing costs.

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Computer Vision

See oportunities and get better possibilities

Boost your eCommerce business with autonomous shops, offering customers automated shopping experience without them needing to interact with staff or checkout systems. Analyze medical images such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to identify signs of disease or abnormalities for more accurate diagnoses and better patient care. In energy sector, detect usage patterns and opportunities for efficiency improvement.

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Natural Language Processing

Harness the power of language and win over your audience with ease

Automate text classification tasks and analyze customer feedback with ChatGPT. Make use of goal-oriented bots that improve customer engagement and reduce workload on customer service teams. Provide personalized product suggestions to customers with recommendation systems, increasing sales. Get valuable insights into customer behavior on your eCommerce website to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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But a DEMO is worth a thousand words

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Here's how we made it work

Data extraction solutions that combine CV and NLP rely on pre-trained networks, such as BERT, T5, or GPT. High-quality language representations of pre-trained networks allow us to focus on the task we’re solving. Our expertise in pre-trained networks helps our clients use the most suitable model for their case and achieve top performance.

We clean and prepare the text data for further analysis, i.e. lowercase, lemmatize, tokenize (split the text into individual words or phrases), and remove punctuation or stop words. Speaking of images, we need to be very careful so we don't accidentally remove something important when we crop the image or resize it to a different image aspect ratio. Additionally, when using weights of the pre-trained network, we normalize the images to match pre-trained pixel distributions.

To ensure training stability and increase our model generalization capabilities, we use various augmentations on the fly during training. This way we increase the robustness of the model and allow it to make correct predictions in poor conditions. For example, it allows our document extraction models to have similar levels of performance on ideal PDF documents and poorly-shot photos.

Sometimes, our models are built on top of features that can be extracted from pre-trained models. In the case of Language models, these features are called embeddings - vector representations of texts that are extremely effective and allow us to compare texts with one another.

The training step requires different techniques to train a model on a large dataset of labeled text image data. Once trained, the model can make predictions about new, unseen content.

To perfect the model, we evaluate its performance on a special test dataset to see how well it is able to make predictions. At this point, we calculate metrics such as precision, recall, f1, and accuracy.

Finally, we deploy a trained and evaluated model in a real-world application, such as a chatbot or a machine translation tool. For speed and saving, the computational resources model can be additionally optimized, or even reduced in size, sometimes significantly.

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